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Connecting Foundation, Community & Leadership


ReCreate is designed to offer consultative services to organizations that need support in the creation of programs and services, professional development and strategic direction.

ReCreate believes in a comprehensive approach to the healthy growth of an organization. 

This approach focuses on the connectivity of three components: foundation, community, and leadership.

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Our foundation is the roots which nourishes growth and provides an opportunity for sustainability.  Like the roots of a tree, the roots of a healthy organization are dependent on its foundation.  A strong foundation is created by our community and supported by our leaders.

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Our community strengthens our foundation and is the means to the growth of a healthy organization.  Our community is one of the most important connecting points between foundation and leadership.

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Leadership provides the opportunity to empower the community and strengthen the foundation.  Leaders recognize the assets of their community and nourish them to become a means of growing a healthy organization.

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Lead Consultant & Owner

Throughout Jennifer’s education, professional and personal life she has had the opportunity to develop a strong knowledge and skill base in the areas of research, report writing, consulting, community and stakeholder engagement and project management. She is a practitioner that has the ability to view the field through a theoretical lens, adapt and put into action.

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